Record every aspect of your car's performance

Using pencil and a slip of paper to keep track of your gas mileage, expenses, oil checks, ...? With this application you will only need your mobile phone. Included are:

Gas mileage log

  • Each time you fill gas, record the odometer reading and amount of fuel filledCalculate the actual gas-mileage of your car

  • Keep track of gas expenses

  • View comprehensive summary, mileage statistics and graphical history

Trip Log

Ever wondered what percentage of your total miles you spend for business, shopping, vacation, ...? The answer is only as far away as your mobile phone:

  • For each trip, record the odometer readings and assign it to 'private' or 'business'. Add more categories as you prefer

  • View summary of total miles for each separate category or any combination of them.

  • Add an individual note to each trip entry

  • View summary for a given period of time

Additional features

  • Estimate gas expenses for your next trip

  • Have yourself reminded of the next oil check.

  • Send the mileage and trip logs to your computer by email in .csv format. (File format compatible with many spead sheet programs)

As an extra you get the following conversion functions:

  • Miles <-> Kilometers

  • Gallons <-> Liters

  • Psi <-> Bar

  • Miles/Gal <-> Liter/100km

The easy-to-use interface will guide you through all steps.

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